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Pixi is here to help you solve all your skin problems. Skin irritations such as blotches, blemishes, patches, and redness are common conditions shared by many people, and our collection of soothing skin care products provides an easy at home remedy for any of the above. Our cruelty-free soothing products are ideal for all skin types and they feel so refreshing on the skin. With Pixi, you can bring your skin back to balance and maintain a clear, refreshed look with regular use. 


Calm Irritated Skin 

Skin inflammation that is suffering from irritation may want you to alleviate the issues quickly. With the right soothing skin products to cleanse and gently exfoliate away the top layer of skin will help to clear breakouts and redness over time. Our products are formulated to be gentle enough for everyday use to help speed up the clearing process. With Pixi, you can say goodbye to harsh cleansers and detoxifying treatments and hello to smooth skin that feels soft to the touch. 


Balance and Hydrate 

One thing to keep in mind when you’re considering the best soothing skin care is how well those products bring your skin into proper pH balance. Breakouts or irritations signify your skin is out of its natural balance. To bring it back into balance, select soothing products, such as our Rose Tonic or Milky Tonic, that contain quality botanicals and other natural skin boosters that help skin cells by rejuvenating them for adequately nourished and hydrated skin. Using a mist or tonic can help maintain your skin’s balance for a healthy glow. 


Revitalize Dull, Dry Skin 

Pixi soothing products can also be a big help when it comes to revitalizing dry, flaky skin. Whether you are cleansing, toning, misting or removing makeup, rest assured your skin will feel nourished and hydrated.